Our Advanced Beauty Science course is designed to teach students the most up-to-date skin care and beauty treatments. These courses are typically open to students who have already completed a basic skin and beauty program and have a working knowledge of the basics of skin care.

In an advanced skin and beauty course, students will learn about a variety of advanced topics, such as:

  • Advanced skin care techniques and treatments, such as chemical peels, Anti bacterial treatment, and Galvanic
  • Medical-grade skin care products and treatments
  • Business and marketing strategies for beauty professionals
  1. Taking an advanced skin and beauty course can offer a number of benefits, including:
  • Increased job opportunities: Graduates of advanced skin and beauty courses are in high demand, and they can find jobs in a variety of settings, such as high-end salons, spas, and medical offices.
  • Higher earning potential: Advanced skin and beauty professionals typically earn more than entry-level workers in this field.
  • Creative satisfaction: The beauty industry is a creative profession, and advanced skin and beauty professionals have the opportunity to use their skills to make their clients look and feel their best.
  • Personal growth: Learning about advanced skin and beauty treatments can help you develop your own skin care and beauty routine.

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